When Appointed Councils Enact Legislation —

Guess who pays for it? 

The American taxpayer. 

Regretfully, some of these committees have powers that are not subjected to Congressional oversite. 

If you’ve not been following the facts and myths surrounding the Texas-NAFTA Super Highway, the SPP and the North American Union, you should. 

Two of our OTH’ers are blogging about these alphabet entities. 

NAU Watch and Perish the Thought.


2 Responses to “When Appointed Councils Enact Legislation —”

  1. eRIC Says:

    I started http://www.stopnafta.org to keep everybody informed about the current events for the Superhighway, NAU and NAFTA.

  2. OT Hill Says:

    I’m adding your link ….. thanks for stopping by!

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