Nobody knows tailspins like John McCain knows tailspins …

Check out his flight history.  

It doesn’t take a aeronautical engineer to understand why the liberal press absolutely LOVESSSSS John McCain.   Ole MSM’s main-man McCain in the flesh!!!

He’s a tail talespin waiting to happen!!

Google John McCain’s military record, his dismal flight history and his “American Royalty” status as a POW.  Read his autobiography if you want to hear it in his own words. 

Nobody knows tailspins like John knows tailspins.

Other than calling out McCain on his shortcomings, what did Mitt Romney’s recent “comparative” ad prove?   It proved that’s John has a rather short fuse when you confront him with his own hyprocrisy.   It’s NO new revelation that McC can be so easily prodded to grind his teef or demonstrate his volatile temper.  Just remind him of his political shortcomings:

his dependency on special interest money,
his connection to lobbyists,
the Senate sanction for his role in the Keating debacle,
his McCain-Feingold first amendment affront,
his role with the McCain-Kennedy Amnesty shamnesty,
his efforts to distance himself from the McCain-Kennedy shamnesty,
his anti-tax cut votes,
his disjointed explanation for voting against tax cuts,
his role in the Gang of 14,
his own state party’s censure for his “liberal, anti-Republican views and votes,” 
his yes-no-maybe stance(s) on Roe v Wade,
his indecision on gay marriage,
his quandry on civil unions,
his waivering positions on Iraqi military policies,
his feigned rejection of Wall Street corporate monies,
his “token republican” ties to every major piece of democrat legislation,
his temper-tantrums when he thinks the cameras aren’t rolling. 

(The above examples are only the tip of the iceberg.)

McCain is a loose cannon, a flip-flopping manipulative re-inventor of his own reality.  Check out the video below to watch the guy in action.

He exacerbated the terrorist prison scandals; his own mental dysfunction befuddled the waterboarding brouhaha.  The press caught him in lies about shopping in the streets of Baghdad months before areas of the city were safe. He’s a dysfunctional nutwing masquerading as a dubious war hero and military expert (extended to national security and foreign affairs by familiar “entitlement”) — and on what basis?  His father’s and grandfather’s status as Navy admirals?  Sitting in committee meetings?  Junkets and travel perks? 

And if you wanna refute this by supplying facts, explain 1) why he retired (get it?) at the rank of capt and 2) why he felt compelled to defended the lies of John Kerry (criticizing the Swiftboaters). Do you think McCain’s defense of Kerry might have had anything to do with their role(s) and personal rewards in getting Vietnam on the “favored nation” trade list? The guy can’t win his own state!  He’s an errant cannon looking for a fuse.  And if he doesn’t get the Republican nomination, watch for him to move to his true left and run as a 3rd party pooper.  Remember when he and John Kerry “floated” the option of a V-P slot in 2004? 

There are real reasons McCain couldn’t respond to Romney’s comparison ad with substance. 

First, he has little to nothing in his background to indicate that he IS a conservative.  (Calling him RINO is an insult to RINO’s.)  Secondly, his best “reclarification” of HOW his immigration policy is NOW changed is that “he has learned ….” 

What a crock. 

What he’s learned is that if he gets angry and spouts personal attacks — he doesn’t have to explain anything! 

Why do you think he’s receiving endorsements from the Clinton liberal press?  The same press that criticized and ridiculed him earlier???? 

…. maybe he’s waiting for Her Thighness to invite him to be her V-P.  Assuming, of course, his pal Fred doesn’t join his bandwagon in exchange for a V-P run ….

Fred and John?  That’s a ticket that’ll cart in the geriatric vote, fer sure!!   Precincts will have to extend voting hours just to accommodate the lines and lines of wheelchairs, gurneys and walkers  ….  Handicapped parking spaces will be tripled …. IV stands will out-number coffee urns 5 to 1, hand-held urinals will be available upon request  — 

On second thought — it will be much easier if John just goes ahead, switches parties, makes his final grab for the presidency and joins Hillary’s ticket.   Later he can call in thirty years of pay-backs and favors to get Her Thighness and the First Philanderer (i.e., the Bent One) impeached for good!  

What a guy.   A flaming tail-spinner, I tell ya.  MSM’s main-man McCain ….



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2 Responses to “Nobody knows tailspins like John McCain knows tailspins …”

  1. Vicki Hampton Says:

    Mccain may have a short temper but what does Romney have other than dirty politics “oh” thats right lies.

  2. OT Hill Says:


    I thought I put you in the corner. Now you’ve come back to defend your American Royalty hero, eh?

    Look, kid. Comment all you like, but show us some stuff to back up your puff.

    You’re beginning to sound a lot like MSM’s main-man McCain!! BlusterBlusterGRRRRRRBlusterBluster

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