On the Drive-by Media

I’ve never listened to Rush Limbaugh (so forgive me), but I’ve picked up on his put-down of another Huckster from Arkansas — that embarassing ex-governor weasel  being hyped by MSM.   Rush put the Huckster in his place and subsequently took up the gauntlet against MSM’s attempt to manipulate Republican primary races as well. 

Rush’s assessment of what liberal media is trying to do is spot-on.  MSM and liberal pundits are so desperate to find Bush on the ballot in 2008, they’ve decided to take their hatred out on everything conservative — including the promotion of the most embarassing (and least conservative) candidate(s) in eons …. Read on.

And Rush is right.  Why else would the media be endorsing and “featuring” such liberally-leaning conservatives (a term used loosely in this context) as Huckabee and McCain?

Read between the lines.


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