Back in action …. Sorta.

Retirement is wonderful …. health is back on schedule …. flowers planted …. majority of boxes are unpacked …. voted early.  Life is good.

I still rise at 6 am, but the first thoughts that flow through my mind have to do with the health of the 16-year-old dog that sleeps on the rug beside me.  She’s managing — only her arthritis and waning eyesight betray her still seemingly spry demeanor — and her daily mission is to stay near as I busy myself with morning chores.   We walk regularly.  Not as far or as quickly as in the past, but often with her leaning against my knee.  I’ve learned to watch for signs of her well-being.  I want her to experience no pain (routine discomfort is part of the aging process for all of us).  Thus far, she’s doing amazingly well for a 50 pound wonder-dog who once entertained the elderly ….   I will stand by her side to guide and support her as long as I am needed.  After all — I would have been shredded by a grizzly bear or battered by burglers many years ago had she not stood by my side.  What goes around, comes around.  She has been a wonderful friend and companion throughout the years.  Our ashes will someday be scattered together …. And I anticipate frolicking with her at the Rainbow Bridge and singing our favorite songs again. 

To those who know the unconditional love and devotion of a beloved dog and the bond that exists — you understand, I’m certain.  More at The Chocolate Chronicles.



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