Let Loose the Barracuda!

from Perish the Thought:

James Lewis has it right:  To win this election, John McCain must let Sarah Palin unfurl the flag of REFORM in her debate vs Joe Biden on Friday night. 

Mr. Lewis is correct:

This crisis is not financial — it is politicalIt’s not a market failure. It’s a decades-long robbery by the Left, finally exposed for what it is.
The Democrats deserve the wrath of the voters this time.
To allow Barack Obama and the liberal democrat machine to continue steam-rolling taxpayers into funding their self-serving projects is a fatal disservice to the integrity of this nation, its credibility, its security and its future.
The taxpayers are now on the hook for a trillion dollars, if you add the failed 300 billion dollar rescue package from two weeks ago to the 700 billion dollar Paulson package  This is a trillion dollar scam, and all the politicians in Congress, the ACORN mafiathe people who played the market on unsecured mortgages, and the scam artists who were hired by Freddie and Fannie — they all knew it.  In case you haven’t been watching, that includes all of Barack Obama’s “home mortgage advisors” — Franklin Raines, Jim Johnson and Jamie Gorelick. It includes Senate Banking Committee members like Chris Dodd It includes House members like Barney Frank. Watch this video and you can see them strutting their stuff when the US watchdog agency criticized Fannie and Freddie in 2003.


They knew exactly what was going on.
It’s time John McCain and Sarah Palin stood up and let taxpayers know this as well.

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4 Responses to “Let Loose the Barracuda!”

  1. Elitada News » Let Loose the Barracuda! Says:

    […] Click here to display full story Tagged: Acorn, barack obama, Barney Frank, Barracuda, Chris Dodd, Disservice, Franklin Raines, Home Mortgage, Joe Biden, john mccain, Liberal Democrat, Market Failure, Mortgage Advisors, sarah palin, Scam Artists, Senate Banking Committee, Strutting Their Stuff, Thought James, Time John, Watchdog Agency […]

  2. honeycat22 Says:

    Amen. I don’t know how we’re going to do it, but we can’t let Obama and the rest of those crooks control our country. I have blogged on every political website I can find all weekend. It’s too bad Barney Frank didn’t do something to “curtail the CEO compensation” prior to all of Barack’s cronies collecting their cash and going to work for him.

  3. OT Hill Says:

    I’ve done the same thing —- It’s time to take action —-

    If we allow the cause of our problems to remain at the helm (or put Obama there), we’ve no one but ourselves to blame.

  4. honeycat22 Says:

    I’m on my lunch break and still at it. I noticed McCain is up a point today. I’m really worried frightened for our country. I sense a change in people who support Obama towards me and I feel a change in me towards them. I don’t think that’s the change he had in mind, or maybe it is. I’ve been on the Congressional Record and looked at the bills he sponsored and it seems like they are geared towards the one segment of society, not to American as a whole. This whole business with Freddie and Fannie is so crooked and then you have then trying to do early voting in Ohio – registering and allowing people (homeless) to vote in one day, plus using the DA’s and law enforcement in Missouri to prevent negative ads. I know everyone is telling John McCain not to get mad, but maybe it’s time he did and just threw this whole stinking mess in Obama’s face.

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