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Obama’s Plan for Late-Term Abortions:

October 17, 2008

Let them die. 

It’s called infanticide.  

It transcends the abortion argument — pro or con. 

Do let Barack Obama’s hype or protracted verbosity fool you.  THAT is his plan.  Infanticide.  Pure and simple.  Let the aborted babies die.  

But leaving a new-born child — even under the guise of abortion — to die without life support or comfort or sustenance is inhumane.  It is (or should be) an affront to life, liberty and the pursuit thereof …..  Infanticide is murder.


Obama Thugs Go After Joe Plumber

October 17, 2008

Just as the previous post referenced Obama’s Chicago “ways” — it’s no surprise that Obama’s thugs are going after Joe the Plumber …. attacking him by posting his home address and tax record online.

And we should expect anything else?  No one — no one — is permitted to criticize the One.  No one.  Not even middle America.

Here’s a summary of the HuffnPuff’s – KosKids left-smear thugs doing their best to discredit the guy. 

Hang tough, Joe.  Middle America has your back on this one.