Obama’s Plan for Late-Term Abortions:

Let them die. 

It’s called infanticide.  

It transcends the abortion argument — pro or con. 

Do let Barack Obama’s hype or protracted verbosity fool you.  THAT is his plan.  Infanticide.  Pure and simple.  Let the aborted babies die.  

But leaving a new-born child — even under the guise of abortion — to die without life support or comfort or sustenance is inhumane.  It is (or should be) an affront to life, liberty and the pursuit thereof …..  Infanticide is murder.


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One Response to “Obama’s Plan for Late-Term Abortions:”

  1. Anna Says:

    more info is at http://pogopundits.blogspot.com/2008/10/obama-against-born-alive-infants.html

    This guy is low.

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