Barack Obama and his Hoax on America

One of my greatest fears is that America is on the brink of allowing one of the greatest hoaxes ever to be perpetrated on its people.  For example —

Average Obama voters (spellbound by the leftist mainstream media or the “messiah’s” minions) know little about the man who would be emperor …..  And neither they nor their ascribed “saviour” will allow them to know more than The One wants them to know.

We are warned ……

Part II pending on the real Colin Powell and others who continue to drink the kool-ade ….. 



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3 Responses to “Barack Obama and his Hoax on America”

  1. pacer521 Says:

    wow. you are…

  2. themikeyreport Says:

    Here we go again… if you don’t like Obama you’re a racist. Guess what? We don’t care if he’s lime green or bright orange. Get it through your thick heads Obamunists. WE DON’T TRUST HIM. WE DON’T AGREE WITH HIS POLICIES. WE DON’T LIKE WHERE HE’S TAKING AMERICA.

    You guys are the most pathetic lemmings I’ve ever seen. Typical liberal tripe. If people don’t agree with you, you call them names and attempt to step on their rights to express themselves.

  3. OT Hill Says:

    Off Pace maybe? LOL

    The Pacer-types only response to criticism of THE ONE is racism …. you want cheese with that whine or you wanna try to come up with the answers that Oblahma WON’T?

    Nevermind — if you weren’t such a poster child for hyprocrisy — I’d ban your butt from commenting here.

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