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Obama and his hoax on America II 1/2

October 28, 2008


By now everyone has surely seen Biden’s blow up during an interview with Florida WFTV news anchor Barbara West:  (multiple copies have been removed from YouTube — see it while you can!)


Here’s her interview with John McCain today.

Now watch her interview with Bill O’Reilly tonight: 


Even though the Obama campaign has refused to “give” Ms. West or her station any further interviews, I hardly think she will be out of a job anytime soon …..  Check out her resume.

Oh.  And as expected, libtards and the loonie-left are already attacking Ms. West.   Do we expect anything less?

Let’s see ….. Obama’s minions have now gone after anyone who dares to extend anything BUT softball questions and supportive talking points:  Hillary Clinton ….. Sarah Palin …. Joe the Plumber …. Barbara West …. next?