Doin’ the Soros Math

If 2 + 2 = 4, why are the feds and the media still looking at 3?

Let’s factor in a few reasons:

1.  Enroute to buying the most powerful office in the world, it appears that golden “spoon-man” George Soros needed to stir up the financial pot to finalize the deal …. while concurrently soaking up a couple of billion in the US market before the September – October crash.

2.  Funny how Soros wants to take credit for predicting the housing bubble burst — not un-aided by his political buddies who sold Golden West to Wachovia (only to be “saved” by more Soros’ buddies) or a couple of  not-so-innocent  insider “pre-crash” announcements by Senators Reid (insurance companies) and Schumer (IndyMac) — in case investors hadn’t already read the handwriting on the wall —

3. And now Soros and his political cronies want to start lapping up those hapless banks and holding companies?  With sweeheart buys at 20% while US taxpayers pay 80%?  What a deal.

Meet the new NEW math.  It’s called the “Soros System” …. (To fully understand the numbers and how Soros runs them — see Bank of England, France and the Asian Market).


Much more later.  You can count on it.

Three ….


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2 Responses to “Doin’ the Soros Math”

  1. AJ McHugh Says:

    Unfortunately Mr. Soros, Senator Schumer, Barney Frank, Ried…etal. will never be exposed, the public will never know anything about Mr. Soros’ machinations, there is no one who cares enough, really. How is it that our newly elected president has never shown his original birth certificate? How is it that no one has questioned his past drug use or traffic violations which he lied about on his Illinois Bar application? Can you imagine if this were a Republican. Why is it that more people aren’t asking questions about Donald Young’s murder? There is soimething VERY wrong in this country. In an environment where no one is asking relevant questions (Do people really care about Mr. Obama’s choice of puppy or lunch?), conspiracy theories are bound to flourish.

  2. Mark T. Market Says:

    I recently featured Fareed Zakaria’s interview of Soros is and interesting discussion of how bubbles form out of misconceptions and how reality sets in and bursts and crashes bubbles.

    Unlike other critics like Peter Schiff and Jim Rogers, Soros favors government intervention to regulate markets since he doesn’t believe in the “self-correction to equilibrium” notion of markets.

    Soros’ skeptical approach to human prediction of markets is similar to Nassim Taleb’s ideas that history is inherently a fallacy and any prediction based on past data is imperfect at best.

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