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Obama Speaks, Spends, Spins

February 26, 2009

But can he manage?  As in actually lead the most powerful nation (for now, at least) in the world?

An astute Brit writer thinks no.  We agree.

We also agree that — for all of Obama’s retorts about  “inheriting” the problems his administration is facing — he WAS a member of a democrat- controlled Congress the last two years as these problems festered AND he even threatened to filibuster any efforts to regulate such agencies as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. 

Are we seeing the makings of “wrong way Obama“?

Possibly Obama’s confidence as a speaker (in his not-a-SOTU-speech-speech last night) led him to play loose with history and other facts, though …. Examples here.  It’s ‘ok’ to WANT to give the US credit for inventing the car (as a reason for saving Detroit), but it just ain’t true. 

 And to project that the Transcontinental Railroad was built as the nation struggled with the Civil War (to support his proposed railroad construction project) is down-right disingenuous.  The Transcontinental was built by the British AFTER the Civil War.  And at no cost to the US taxpayer. 

But Obama didn’t stop there.

He found the audacity to spin and bend a few facts to support his spendulus projects. 

Heck — even the pro-Obama fact checkers found numerous “untruths” in his speech

And we haven’t seen anything yet ….. Wait until we get the pending Health Care program is presented.   Projected to cost taxpayers a trillion dollars annually, is there any reason Obama has not revealed the full price tag to us?   The Wall Street Journal considers the realities of this massive plan.

The Omnibus Spending bill passed by the House today is but another drop in the proverbial pork bucket being passed around by Congress (to be signed by The One — regardless of what the Senate adds or deletes) …. And it only covers March – September 2009.   Of course, we haven’t even seen Obama’s budget yet …

Meanwhile — Sen. Byrd chastises THE ONE for stealing Congressional authority and skirting the Constitution by appointing “czars” to supervise critical legislative and program areas ….

And the press continues to ignore:

1)  the involvement of Biden’s boyz in a major financial scandal by another fraudster ….

2)  the antics (and bailout funds) given to the bank that gave THE ONE his personal “sweetheart” deal on his Chicago house loan …. and

3)  the recent meeting between Iran’s idiot leader and Obama’s cousin in Kenya, Prime Minister Odinga.   

Watch this one:  we wrote about Obama’s radical cousin (for whom Obama campaigned in Kenya at taxpayer expense) before the election at Perish the Thought  (see long list of Obama topics in sidebar) ….

4)  Obama to name WHO to Citizenship and Immigration Office?????


Pull out your wallets, taxpayers.  Here comes La Raza ….

5) And for your reading pleasure —the House version of  the 2009 Omnibus Bill …. A cornucopia of greed in an era of financial crisis. 

Comments and assessments are here …. and here … and here ….



Obama bin lyin’ — our economy’s dyin’

February 22, 2009

I love this guy’s writing.  And his message to Obama ain’t bad, either.

Pleeeeeeze —  Sum’buddy unplug the teleprompter!!!


Feds to Censure Internet?

February 17, 2009

You knew it would come to this, didn’t you? 

Within the threat of imposing a “fairness doctrine” to the airways, Henry Waxman — Democrat watchdog of all things conservative — has censuring the Internet in his sights. 

We’ve been warned ….  The Prower has more insight:

Waxman is also interested, say sources, in looking at how the Internet is being used for content and free speech purposes. “It’s all about diversity in media,” says a House Energy staffer, familiar with the meetings. “Does one radio station or one station group control four of the five most powerful outlets in one community? Do four stations in one region carry Rush Limbaugh, and nothing else during the same time slot? Does one heavily trafficked Internet site present one side of an issue and not link to sites that present alternative views? These are some of the questions the chairman is thinking about right now, and we are going to have an FCC that will finally have the people in place to answer them.”

As for the “Fairness Doctrine,” a name change isn’t going to change the goal of controlling speech.

The House Energy and Commerce Committee is also looking at how it can put in place policies that would allow it greater oversight of the Internet. “Internet radio is becoming a big deal, and we’re seeing that some web sites are able to control traffic and information, while other sites that may be of interest or use to citizens get limited traffic because of the way the people search and look for information,” says on committee staffer. “We’re at very early stages on this, but the chairman has made it clear that oversight of the Internet is one of his top priorities.” 

“This isn’t just about Limbaugh or a local radio host most of us haven’t heard about,” says Democrat committee member. “The FCC and state and local governments also have oversight over the Internet lines and the cable and telecom companies that operate them. We want to get alternative views on radio and TV, but we also want to makes sure those alternative views are read, heard and seen online, which is becoming increasingly video and audio driven. Thanks to the stimulus package, we’ve established that broadband networks — the Internet — are critical, national infrastructure. We think that gives us an opening to look at what runs over that critical infrastructure.” 

Also involved in “brainstorming” on “Fairness Doctrine and online monitoring has been the Center for American Progress, a liberal think tank, which has published studies pressing for the Fairness Doctrine, as well as the radical, which has been speaking to committee staff about policies that would allow them to use their five to six million person database to mobilize complaints against radio, TV or online entities they perceive to be limiting free speech or limiting opinion.

Plans now are “hush hush” until Obama’s new FCC nominee, Julius Genachowski is confirmed.

Let’s hope that proponents of free speech on both sides of the aisle stand up and put Julius Genachowski through serious hearings before another Obamatron is rubber-stamped.

Or maybe Obama and his minions need to see what a TRUE bipartisan campaign looks like.


Get ready for Stimulus, part II

February 15, 2009

More and more international observations on the Stimulus-Porkulus package are pouring in …. buckle your seat belts, folks.  We’re in for the ride of our life-time.

And it’s not going to be enough, so say the hogs at the DC trough.

Here are some reactions to the stimulating “rough draft” …. the articles are better.  Might as wait until they publish the revisions.  If they will, that is.   And don’t hold your breath.

Rubin ruminates
Revival of backroom politics
Last minute gifts for friends and lobby groups

Get ready for Stimulus part II ….

An obligatory warm-up-those-cold-dead-hands alert:  Gun bill revives

Two items from the Soros watch:  The author forgot to mention that Soros is banned in France for trying to short-sell their market ….  So was Soros behind the US money market fund melt-down in September?

We know Soros is financing global drug reform …. Why didn’t the folks in NZ look for another of his groups behind this drug-law conference?

And speaking of drugs — here’s an update on the commendable work our troops are doing in Afghanistan.   I can’t wait to see what guise Soros and his minions will assume to influence the Afghan heroin/poppy trade ….

As an almost-after-thought, here’s some tax info you might need.  Or not. 


Obama pushing ACORN to do census and an Afghan ‘out’?

February 8, 2009

The answer to the census question may be decided by the Supreme Court, but watch Obama’s clandestine maneuvers to assign “responsibility” for the census from the Secretary of Commerce to the White House. 

Here’s the law:

The Congress, by law directed that:

“The Secretary [of Commerce] shall perform the functions and duties imposed upon him by this title, may issue such rules and regulations as he deems necessary to carry out such functions and duties, and may delegate the performance of such functions and duties and the authority to issue such rules and regulations to such officers and employees of the Department of Commerce as he may designate.”

Credit those folks over at Samizdata ….

As I read it, the Director of the Census must, by law, be within the Department of Commerce and under the direction of the (Senate approved) Secretary of Commerce who then reports to the president. Am I missing something?
Correction: From reading through Title 13, Chapter 1 it appears obvious to me that the POTUS has no role in the census whatsoever beyond, with Senate approval, selecting the Secretary of Commerce and, also with Senate approval, selecting the Director of the Census who shall perform such duties as may be imposed upon him by law, regulations, or orders of the Secretary.” Hhmmm… No president mentioned.

The Secretary of Commerce is the only authority the law recognizes. Since as commenter Laird points out, the Constitution did not place the census function in Article II – the Executive branch but in Article I – the Legislative branch, it is not at all within the President’s reach unless the legislature places it there.

And watch for Obama to still try and put ACORN in charge of the census …. 

Any question about WHY there are so many Obama-watch sites on the web???

More blurbs from the blogs:

—  Stimulus Plan (Porkarama) updates are here ….

Biden: Ignore the voters

 HERE’S  a good question:  why doesn’t Obama tell us specifically HOW this money will resolve his “now or never” crisis?   We won’t see any jobs outta this political payback package for years. 

—  Obama has again voted “present” on this bogus stimulus plan.   How to hype a crisis in two steps ….  So where exactly is the change we (?) hoped for???  Forget it.  It’s the same ole way with a Chicago twist ….

—  BREAKING:  Obama tells Gates to “stand down” on the troop surge in Afghanistan ….. 

Is he looking for ‘out‘ in Afghanistan???

—  World opinion on Obama is fading …. 

From London to America:  What have you done?

Pakistan to the US:  Show us the money!!!

Russia forms Alliance with six central Asian nations:  Take THAT, America.

Ecuador expels US Embassy official:  South America rejects the “Chicago way” …

USS Cole mom is disgusted with Obama …. article and video 

Pending:  More and more parents and (retired) naval personnel are speaking out about the way the killers of their loved ones are being released ….

more pending …..