HopeyChange, Daschle and Obama’s Afghan War

** WHAT?!?  The NYSlimes wants Daschle to withdraw?? 

**  It’s old news for most, but NOW the rest of the world learns that Obama envoys met with Iran before election ….

**  About those Iraqi elections

**  Praise be to Alinsky or … How to BS the BS’ers

**  Hiding the ole political label just got punked: 

**  Stimulus watch state by state:  You can vote, but don’t expect anyone to pay attention ….

**  About the smoke (bong bong) in that mirror ….

**  “Don’t ask, don’t tell” is about to be all about asking and telling:  I’m not sure if this is before or after the cuts to the military budget ….

**  Iran launches something.  More later??? 

**  Man of Steele to shoulder the burden or are we gonna let him fend on his own?   Get ready — this guy is for real.

**  Social Security on the bubble??   If this scares you — good.

**  Soros on the euro …. Doesn’t this guy already own Europe? 

**  Blago: prime candidate for pardon BEFORE he testifies??? 

**  I still say Afghanistan is going to be the Obama-Soros Drug War (to control global drug market) …

**  AG Holder is still one to watch ….

** more later ….


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