Get ready for Stimulus, part II

More and more international observations on the Stimulus-Porkulus package are pouring in …. buckle your seat belts, folks.  We’re in for the ride of our life-time.

And it’s not going to be enough, so say the hogs at the DC trough.

Here are some reactions to the stimulating “rough draft” …. the articles are better.  Might as wait until they publish the revisions.  If they will, that is.   And don’t hold your breath.

Rubin ruminates
Revival of backroom politics
Last minute gifts for friends and lobby groups

Get ready for Stimulus part II ….

An obligatory warm-up-those-cold-dead-hands alert:  Gun bill revives

Two items from the Soros watch:  The author forgot to mention that Soros is banned in France for trying to short-sell their market ….  So was Soros behind the US money market fund melt-down in September?

We know Soros is financing global drug reform …. Why didn’t the folks in NZ look for another of his groups behind this drug-law conference?

And speaking of drugs — here’s an update on the commendable work our troops are doing in Afghanistan.   I can’t wait to see what guise Soros and his minions will assume to influence the Afghan heroin/poppy trade ….

As an almost-after-thought, here’s some tax info you might need.  Or not. 


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One Response to “Get ready for Stimulus, part II”

  1. Gabby Says:

    Why are we being asked to fund projects that are already FUNDED and underway??????

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