Obama Speaks, Spends, Spins

But can he manage?  As in actually lead the most powerful nation (for now, at least) in the world?

An astute Brit writer thinks no.  We agree.

We also agree that — for all of Obama’s retorts about  “inheriting” the problems his administration is facing — he WAS a member of a democrat- controlled Congress the last two years as these problems festered AND he even threatened to filibuster any efforts to regulate such agencies as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. 

Are we seeing the makings of “wrong way Obama“?

Possibly Obama’s confidence as a speaker (in his not-a-SOTU-speech-speech last night) led him to play loose with history and other facts, though …. Examples here.  It’s ‘ok’ to WANT to give the US credit for inventing the car (as a reason for saving Detroit), but it just ain’t true. 

 And to project that the Transcontinental Railroad was built as the nation struggled with the Civil War (to support his proposed railroad construction project) is down-right disingenuous.  The Transcontinental was built by the British AFTER the Civil War.  And at no cost to the US taxpayer. 

But Obama didn’t stop there.

He found the audacity to spin and bend a few facts to support his spendulus projects. 

Heck — even the pro-Obama FactCheck.org fact checkers found numerous “untruths” in his speech

And we haven’t seen anything yet ….. Wait until we get the pending Health Care program is presented.   Projected to cost taxpayers a trillion dollars annually, is there any reason Obama has not revealed the full price tag to us?   The Wall Street Journal considers the realities of this massive plan.

The Omnibus Spending bill passed by the House today is but another drop in the proverbial pork bucket being passed around by Congress (to be signed by The One — regardless of what the Senate adds or deletes) …. And it only covers March – September 2009.   Of course, we haven’t even seen Obama’s budget yet …

Meanwhile — Sen. Byrd chastises THE ONE for stealing Congressional authority and skirting the Constitution by appointing “czars” to supervise critical legislative and program areas ….

And the press continues to ignore:

1)  the involvement of Biden’s boyz in a major financial scandal by another fraudster ….

2)  the antics (and bailout funds) given to the bank that gave THE ONE his personal “sweetheart” deal on his Chicago house loan …. and

3)  the recent meeting between Iran’s idiot leader and Obama’s cousin in Kenya, Prime Minister Odinga.   

Watch this one:  we wrote about Obama’s radical cousin (for whom Obama campaigned in Kenya at taxpayer expense) before the election at Perish the Thought  (see long list of Obama topics in sidebar) ….

4)  Obama to name WHO to Citizenship and Immigration Office?????


Pull out your wallets, taxpayers.  Here comes La Raza ….

5) And for your reading pleasure —the House version of  the 2009 Omnibus Bill …. A cornucopia of greed in an era of financial crisis. 

Comments and assessments are here …. and here … and here ….


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