Stand up. NOW.

National and state-wide tea party rallies are being held across the nation. Main stream media is NOT covering these rallies — but they ARE occurring with thousands of Americans participating.

This is the site for rallies being scheduled nationwide, including a national tea party on April 15. Click and find your state.   Search the internet for additional activities and rallies — they are occurring every day throughout the nation.

Some communities are meeting at their local post offices on the 15th …..

Find out what is going on in your area!!!!   Don’t expect local media to be very supportive or to cover your rally …. Take pictures and videos.   Call families and friends!!!   Send your pictures and videos to sponsoring sites so they can be featured on the internet! 

Participate as if your country depended upon it. Participate as if yours and your children’s future depended upon it.

Do it now. Now.



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