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Vietnam Reflections ….

March 29, 2009

First Loaica updates her blog at Vietnam Reflections (great images — with 3000 more to come!!) and then ut-Obama launches his Afghanistan policy ….

I’m no authority, but why do I get the feeling that Obama has just put his signature on the Afghan war …. and it’s starting to look a lot like Vietnam?

Interesting how he appears to be distinguishing between the Taliban (can’t we all get along?) and Al Qaeda (boooo bad guys) while isolating both from the problems IN Afghanistan AND Pakistan

And we’re supposed to trust this empty suit who says nothing without a teleprompter?

Funny how Al Qaeda has not launched an attack on anyone from Afghanistan in eons, yet it’s critical we rush in with thousands of additional troops — to maybe rescue the drug trade? 

Son of Soros got this plan from the puppetmaster, methinks.  The ole global drug legalization baron himself — George Soros

We’ve got the chemical spray to destroy the poppy fields (which will not harm other crops or people), and would in succession, destroy the Taliban and Al Qaeda PLUS allow Pakistan and Afghanistan to regain control of their countries AND their own economies.

Isn’t that what we want???

Al Qaeda Bundles Bio-hazard Material?

January 20, 2009

The initial report yesterday implied that approximately 40 Al Qaeda cave inhabitants and terrorist operatives had succumbed to a disease commonly referred to as the Plague …. 

Later, however, unnamed sources suggest that Al Qaeda operatives may have simply mishandled bio-hazardous materials.

Whichever the case, the least preferable is that Al Qaeda has such materials in their possession.

It is likely no accident that, even as usual for national gatherings, chemical and biological detectors are in place at Obama’s inauguration today.