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Israel: Moral Hyperbole vs Self-Defense

December 31, 2008

UPDATE:  Google has now closed the YouTube Israeli Military channel to halt views of the Israeli precision bombings in Gaza (yet allows Hamas to continue showing videos of civilian losses?)  ….  LiveLeak carries the videos, however ….

It appears that Hamas is also currently hacking pro-Jewish and pro-Israeli blogs and web sites — hopefully our host server(s) will “gird our loins” in protecting blogs …. Otherwise — for those who ARE pro-Jewish and pro-Israeli —- KEEP ON KEEPING ON!!!  

Meanwhile — here’s what I was blogging before wordpress froze up …. Thanks, WordPress for auto-save!!!


It is so easy to take sides from afar …..

Bleeding hearts instinctively take the high-road to moral hyperbole. 

Realists who comprehend the rites of survival respect self-defense. 

It’s basically a moot point, you know.  No logical, rational person — including Israelis — promote the slaughter of innocent civilians.    Note keywords “logical, rational” ….

Suffice it to say that as long as Israel exists — it has the right to defend itself and its citizens.   As long as antisemitism exists (i.e., as promoted by Iran and its surrogates Hamas and Hezbullah), there will be the need for constant vigilance and the ability to defend against it.

Godspeed to Israel. 

Godspeed also to the Palestinian people who, if given the opportunity, would most likely live and prosper in an adjacent “homeland” in which they might also prosper.  

For the Palestinian people to live and prosper, however, they must reject the scourge of their misery — Hamas — and antisemitism.  

And to the bleeding heart moralists who sympathize with the Hamas or who portray civilian loss as the core tenet of war — you can take your idealistic hyperbole straight to hell — along with these fanatics who care nothing about the Palestinians whom THEY have placed in harm’s way. 

And yes — I am of German Jewish heritage.   And yes, I support the right of Israel to FINALLY and ULTIMATELY defend itself after being harassed by 6000+ attacks by suicide bombers and rockets — in blatant violation of the recent peace accord. 

For those of you who think that Israel is firing indiscriminately into Gaza, watch these graphic videos (provided by the Israeli military).  

The individuals loading rockets are not innocent civilians.  They are Hamas — they are not “defending” their presumed people or homeland.  They are caught in the process of disseminating rockets — to be used to randomly, deliberately harass and slaughter innocent Israelis in THEIR homeland. 

Moral Hyperbole?   Pfffffffffth.

Let’s try some “moral” alliteration:  Try heaping some hype on the Hamas henchmen who hawk and harbor hatred sans those high-brow hooks and hang-ups.