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Good News For Obama’s Staff —

December 14, 2008

Vice president-elect Joe Biden is “laying plans to significantly shrink” his role in Barack Obama’s White House.

For all his gaffes and blunders and indecisions — this may very well be the best decision Joe Biden has ever made.

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In essence — likely the most inept, least credible and least qualified holder of an office a heartbeat away from the most powerful position in the world has been relegated to a gazebo near the President-elect’s new basketball court somewhere on the White House grounds.

The fact that Biden has recently purchased a puppy should in no way be interpreted as an attempt to upstage the president-elect’s decision to purchase a puppy for his daughters. 

 Meanwhile — from the “say it ain’t so, Joe” department:

Check comments section under the Biden-puppy link: Did Biden buy his new pup from a puppy-mill breeder?   

Did Biden pay cash or use a credit card provided by his most ardent financial contributor-base?  

And finally — could the pup’s papers be legitimate or (gasp) plagiarized???