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Doin’ the Soros Math

January 4, 2009

If 2 + 2 = 4, why are the feds and the media still looking at 3?

Let’s factor in a few reasons:

1.  Enroute to buying the most powerful office in the world, it appears that golden “spoon-man” George Soros needed to stir up the financial pot to finalize the deal …. while concurrently soaking up a couple of billion in the US market before the September – October crash.

2.  Funny how Soros wants to take credit for predicting the housing bubble burst — not un-aided by his political buddies who sold Golden West to Wachovia (only to be “saved” by more Soros’ buddies) or a couple of  not-so-innocent  insider “pre-crash” announcements by Senators Reid (insurance companies) and Schumer (IndyMac) — in case investors hadn’t already read the handwriting on the wall —

3. And now Soros and his political cronies want to start lapping up those hapless banks and holding companies?  With sweeheart buys at 20% while US taxpayers pay 80%?  What a deal.

Meet the new NEW math.  It’s called the “Soros System” …. (To fully understand the numbers and how Soros runs them — see Bank of England, France and the Asian Market).


Much more later.  You can count on it.

Three ….


Belated Happy New Year ….

January 4, 2009

Hilarious ….

Hillary Beefs Up; BHO beefcakes

December 24, 2008

While our primarily-male media-mutts get all tingly-legged over BHO’s topless beach attire (well, duh), Hillary Clinton is beefing up her likely-to-be Secretary of State domain. 

Here’s the scoop.

You’ll have to scope-out BHO’s moobs (manly boobs) somewhere else.  Maybe there’s a link on the Hillary story above …..

T’was the Night Fright-mas

December 20, 2008

T’was the night before Christmas and all ‘cross the land
Liberals were all giddy and were rubbing their hands.
Obama was elected and their white guilt did subside
No longer to the term racist would they have to abide.

On the great eve of November the fourth,
Obama played to the gleeful crowd for support.
But the seas did not part and their bills were not paid,
None the less it was all still a great cavalcade.

But now sits Obama; his brow it is furled,
As he ponders and thinks what to do with the world.
Outside on the lawn, there is a parade,
Of people lined up, who have bought his charade.

At his side stands a man far from morose,
It’s his good friend, the evil George Soros.
A firm hand on Barack’s shoulder, for this is his man,
He says to the Messiah, “Now on with our plan!”

The dissidents are snuggled all warm in their beds
As secret police fanned out to crack a few heads.
And I with my pistol and the wife with her’s too,
We awaited to see what would be our taboo.

Would it be working too hard? Perhaps earning too much?
The complaint to be written surely would contain such.
Especially now as Obama ascends,
With Congress in the hands of his liberal friends.

His plans were laid clear and he spoke of them bold,
Recited were each for all to be told.
His words weren’t couched or hidden by stealth,
He came right out and said he would redistribute the wealth.

Now McCain in his kerchief and Palin with her gun,
Both came to grips with what happened to their run.
McCain’s and his fans had heaped up plenty of blame,
But most of it all was quite so insane.

Old John blamed the right and conservatives you see,
For not falling behind his liberal agenda with glee.
His supporters blamed Sarah and her droll right wing views,
They scoffed and they chuckled that she would fill Reagan’s shoes.

But the fact of it all, no matter what they might claim,
As a candidate for the right, McCain was distinctly so lame.
From coddling illegals to destroying the amendment that’s first,
His name often did all good conservatives curse.

Now too liberals have become less happy you see,
As Obama reneges on promises once made with glee.
Withdrawal from Iraq and tax hikes on the wealthy,
Both he’s told the left that they would not soon see.

In Illinois there is scandal for his vacant Senate seat,
The Governor sought a price and with many people did meet.
At first Obama denied he had a hand in the sell,
Until on tapes appeared his own man – Rahm Emanuel.

Lots of his donors expect some sort of reward,
For they never give anything without an accord.
Many are trying to muscle up to the bar,
America they want as the new U.S.S.R.

Not even in office for even a day,
From Chicago politics he can’t get away.
So much for the change and also for hope,
It’s just more of the same and a big rope-a-dope!

— courtesy of  J.J. Jackson

And So It Begins —

December 5, 2008

Obama to make speech in Islamic country within first 100 days …..

AIG to go Sharia-compliant ….

Can anyone spell E.U. — as in One World Order?