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Mitt vs MSM and the McCain-Huck Alliance

January 6, 2008

Make no bones about it.  Mitt Romney is facing the battle of his political life.  Not just in New Hampshire.  Not just in Iowa.  In every state.  In the headlines of newspapers, in the lead stories in alleged “news” reports and on the Internet via allegedly unbiased bloggers.

With the MSM (including Fox news) portraying Mitt’s “comparison” ads as negative — while ignoring the personal attack ads by the Huckster and John McCain — it’s going to be a fight to the finish.  Keep up the campaign, Mitt.  America needs you.

The Huckabee affront to honesty and Christian ethics:  He announced that he was going to withdraw his negative ad against Mitt — yet it ran ten times on three Iowa stations ….  In addition:

Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee personally apologized to rival Mitt Romney previously about a disparaging remark Huckabee made about Romney’s Mormon religion. But Huckabee’s Web site continues to host comments blasting the Mormon faith and littered with rhetoric about Mormonism.  Source

Factcheck also notes:

The ad Huckabee said he decided not to run has now appeared at least three times in Iowa anyway. It accuses Romney of being “dishonest” but shades the facts in the process.

Update, Jan. 4: The ad ran at least 10 times on four different stations in Davenport and Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The Huckabee campaign called those airings a mistake.

In another ad Huckabee claims to have signed the most broad-based tax cut in Arkansas history. But as we’ve noted repeatedly, he signed bigger tax increases than cuts.

Huckabee’s ad …. misleads when it holds Romney accountable for the state health care program’s coverage of abortion. The Romney campaign points out that the former governor was not the one who made the decision to provide abortion coverage for a $50 co-pay. Indeed, the health care legislation Romney signed declared that an independent agency, the Commonwealth Connector, would implement the law and would “develop criteria for plans eligible for premium assistance payments.” (The state subsidizes coverage for those making less than 300 percent of the federal poverty level.)

News groups hint at the likelihood (ha!) that the Huckster rode a wave of bigotry to win in Iowa.  And he had a bunch of support — namely, John McCain who chose not to run in Iowa.  An alliance between Huck and McCain?  Of course.  It’s that historic alliance of convenience ….

And John McCain — the most backstabbing, inconsistent and anti-conservative candidate in modern history — has the MSM ignoring his use of negative, personal attacks.

Media Matters contradicts the “McCain claim that ‘negative campaigns don’t work,’ ignored his own negative ads ….”

Similarly, the Washington Post (and here), the AP, the Los Angeles Times, the Politico, and USA Today all reported McCain’s statement that “negative campaigns don’t work” without noting that he has run negative ads of his own.

And just wait until pundits begin to talk about Soros financial link to McCain’s PAC…..

Fair and Balanced?  We know what to expect from MSM, but is FoxNews now slanting their reporting?

Hannity helped raise funds for Rudy …. Dick Morris, a regular analyst for The Factor and Hannity, is an adviser to Huckabee …. former-Speaker Newt Gingrich, another regular guest on Fox, is also being touted as a Huckabee adviser (see the joint health care article linked previously and the fact that Newt’s top staffer has joined Huckabee’s staff) ….  Why must the wife of a Romney advisor who is also a frequent analyst routinely state her husband’s status?  Is there any correlation to Fox News current slanting of reporting showing it’s disfavor of Mitt’s candidacy?   If not — how do they explain the obvious bias of it’s “fair and balanced” coverage by Carl Cameron — or in particular, the rude shouting match between Greta (the legal analyst) and Shep (hyperventilating cute guy) last Tuesday night during a guest-spot with a Senator representing Romney? 

What gives, FoxNews?  Will the king of cable’s “fair and balanced” act have to change it slogan?

Mitt Romney’s campaign is the one I support.  In the short and long run, he faces a major challenge.  To win, he needs openness and unbiased access to the most “open” new agency.  I’m beginning to question, however, the subtle role FoxNews is trying to play in “re-defining” the conservative base.

It may just play into the hands of the MSM and liberal democrat groups — those bastions of opponents to all that is “fair and balanced.”