China’s yuan to replace US dollar

April 8, 2009

You knew when Treasury Secretary Geithner stated that he would be in favor of replacing the US dollar for another currency (the Chinese yuan), it was already in the works. 

After all, US-hater and Obama-supporter George Soros had expressed his support for moving from US currency to the yuan.

    China has also been arranging currency swaps with trading partners to bypass the U.S. dollar in trade settlements. Since mid-December, China has signed currency swap contracts worth 650 billion yuan (about 95.6 billion U.S. dollars) with six central banks in Hong Kong, the Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Belarus, Indonesia and Argentina.

    These swap accords allow other overseas central banks to lend yuan to local importers who want to buy Chinese goods. Since these deals bypass the U.S. dollar, they reduce exposure to exchange-rate volatility and cut transaction costs for both parties.

    Chen said these deals “expand the yuan’s use in the region and pave the way for its global acceptance.”

    The rules are also good for Chinese exporters, who have long had to bill their foreign customers mainly in U.S. dollars.

The full story is here.

Meanwhile —

…. We learned this week that Obamatrons have leaked their intent to infiltrate tea parties on April 15 to instigate disruptions (more info later). 

…. The alleged plan to attack Obama in Turkey was a hoax.

…. Obama’s Afghanistan policy is to be modeled after Clinton’s Columbia Plan (surely you didn’t expect anything original, did you?) which is just now in its final stages and appears to be ending with another broken Obama promise. 

And if you think the military have forgotten how Obama tried to shaft them on health care — guess again.  The reception in Iraq this week was not all “oohray”  — not by a long shot.   Troops don’t forget when a sitting President votes against them or insults them ….

… Oh please — so they will not meet one-on-one at the Americas’ Conference?   Two of the most self-adoring, egotistical leaders in the world?  Yeah right …. My only question is:  who will bow to whom?



Vietnam Reflections ….

March 29, 2009

First Loaica updates her blog at Vietnam Reflections (great images — with 3000 more to come!!) and then ut-Obama launches his Afghanistan policy ….

I’m no authority, but why do I get the feeling that Obama has just put his signature on the Afghan war …. and it’s starting to look a lot like Vietnam?

Interesting how he appears to be distinguishing between the Taliban (can’t we all get along?) and Al Qaeda (boooo bad guys) while isolating both from the problems IN Afghanistan AND Pakistan

And we’re supposed to trust this empty suit who says nothing without a teleprompter?

Funny how Al Qaeda has not launched an attack on anyone from Afghanistan in eons, yet it’s critical we rush in with thousands of additional troops — to maybe rescue the drug trade? 

Son of Soros got this plan from the puppetmaster, methinks.  The ole global drug legalization baron himself — George Soros

We’ve got the chemical spray to destroy the poppy fields (which will not harm other crops or people), and would in succession, destroy the Taliban and Al Qaeda PLUS allow Pakistan and Afghanistan to regain control of their countries AND their own economies.

Isn’t that what we want???


March 19, 2009

Stand up. NOW.

National and state-wide tea party rallies are being held across the nation. Main stream media is NOT covering these rallies — but they ARE occurring with thousands of Americans participating.

This is the site for rallies being scheduled nationwide, including a national tea party on April 15. Click and find your state.   Search the internet for additional activities and rallies — they are occurring every day throughout the nation.

Some communities are meeting at their local post offices on the 15th …..

Find out what is going on in your area!!!!   Don’t expect local media to be very supportive or to cover your rally …. Take pictures and videos.   Call families and friends!!!   Send your pictures and videos to sponsoring sites so they can be featured on the internet! 

Participate as if your country depended upon it. Participate as if yours and your children’s future depended upon it.

Do it now. Now.



America’s Financial Meltdown

March 18, 2009

An overview of the financial meltdown ….. a must-view for any American who is concerned about the future of this nation:

Those interested in the players behind the scenes in this meltdown will find this video informative.  

Those who question the presence of a “shadow government,” please feel free to provide contradictory research.



Looking for Moderate Taliban: Deploy ACORN!

March 11, 2009

Possibly if O had identified tribal or provincial leaders as his contact-objective, his search would have made more sense.  No matter how he slices it, the social structure in Afghanistan is not, however, the same as in Iraq.

Not that communicating with the enemy is always “bad,” mind you — but when the enemy has convincingly demonstrated and declared

“The Taliban are united, have one leader, one aim, one policy…I do not know why they are talking about moderate Taliban and what it means?”

it’s time Obama chose his words very, very VERY carefully.  Moderates don’t invade and control two nations by force.

If O intends to employ his “community organizer” skills in Afghanistan, his concept is about to be dragged screaming and kicking from the streets and scuttled in yon mountains.

Credit Jihad Watch
Here’s an idea:  Deploy ACORN to Afghanistan and Pakistan — and get them off OUR streets!