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The GOP: Guardians of Palimony

January 31, 2008

No longer the “Grand Old Party,” the GOP has now deserted its heritage to become the Guardians of Palimony. 

Palimony:  Making payment to someone to whom you have no legal affiliation.

Example: Republican party leaders endorsing John McCain — for whom there is no evidence that he IS a Republican.

Here’s McCain: Biting the (free market) hand that feeds you …. flaunting “bipartisanship” as a means of achieving less-than-conservative goals …. a “slash-and-burn” mentality to confront those who dare to think differently or challenge him …. declaring his lack of support for Judge Alito … resorting to “old Washington” political lies and attacks to “win” his point ….

For all that ails our nation, I see John McCain as part of the problem.  IMO — he will never rally the core-constituents needed to prevent Bill Clinton’s 3rd and 4th terms.  Never.  No matter how many of the old guard rally around him.  Never.

The GOP; the Grand Old Party; the Guardians of Palimony.

John McCain as a patriot?  Pfffffth.  The man is a survivor.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.

I have this eerie, sickening feeling that GOP party bosses have already decided that John McCain’s longevity has somehow  “earned” him the nominee mantle. 

To think that the future of our party and the fate of this nation are to be represented by a cantankerous, mean-spirited old man whose cancer-bloated skin cannot hide the malice that eats from within ….

I will continue to support Mitt Romney.   If my fellow-conservatives truly care about the future of this nation — so will they.

And that — if McCain is our party nominee — is my concession speech to the Republican Party.