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Obama Thugs Go After Joe Plumber

October 17, 2008

Just as the previous post referenced Obama’s Chicago “ways” — it’s no surprise that Obama’s thugs are going after Joe the Plumber …. attacking him by posting his home address and tax record online.

And we should expect anything else?  No one — no one — is permitted to criticize the One.  No one.  Not even middle America.

Here’s a summary of the HuffnPuff’s – KosKids left-smear thugs doing their best to discredit the guy. 

Hang tough, Joe.  Middle America has your back on this one.


Joe knows Obama —

October 16, 2008

And so do most Americans —

“Share the wealth” may be the Chicago Way, but (thank God), Chicago is NOT America! 

Ask Tony Rezko ….