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Romney Talks Economy

January 13, 2008

More on Michigan’s unemployment issues and the economy at Perish the Thought.


Mitt in Michigan

January 11, 2008

Mitt in Michigan …. It’s going to be difficult.  But I’m optimistic.  Supporters must remember that tallies in both Iowa and NH were foiled by a liberal base and an in-party tag-team scheme.  Neither Huckabee nor McCain have faced a truly conservative voter-base. 

I want Mitt to continue to hit hard on the problems in Washington.  I want him to remind voters that (fine man that he is yadayadayada) McCain has been part of the problem in Washington …. McCain has been no friend to conservatism; no friend to the issues of immigration, free speech, ethics, lower taxes. 

I want Mitt to demonstrate his expertise in economics.  He must set his own agenda and refuse to be distracted.  He must remain optimistic about the revival of the auto industry market.  He must remind voters that, while education and retraining are critical to industry revival, McCain’s trillion-dollar educational reform package is not going to relieve the state’s economy.  And no one has yet asked McCain how he’s going to pay for it — ASK!

As for Kos suggesting that dems cross over and vote for Mitt, come on over, kidlets!  You crossed-over in NH — so what’s new?  The “newness” will be in getting it right this time!

More at Perish the Thought ….


Romney Quit? In your wildest dreams —

January 10, 2008

Leading the Republican pack in delegate count, Mitt Romney raised over 5 million dollars last night — over $100,000 from McCain’s Arizona.

He’s not quitting.  He’s in for the full count.  Every state.  No matter how MSM slants his coverage or how pundits and reporters belittle and disrespect Mitt and his spokespersons — he’s not quitting. 

McCain and Huckabee and their tag-team strategy only illustrates their fear of him.  His programs.  His policies.  His potential.  His strengths. 

He’s taken their best shots. 

I’m suspecting that he may have just given them one of his …. He’s withdrawn his preliminary ads from South Carolina and Florida.  He’s going to let Huckabee, McCain, Thompson and Rudy go at each other and bide his time ….. Wait and see.

And while you’re waiting for the race in Michigan — watch his impromptu speech given after finishing second in New Hampshire last night.