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Obama’s Ecomomic & Energy Plans

September 18, 2008
Barack Obama may have amazing rhetorical skill, the support of main stream media,  a vast network of community “get out the vote” organizers (working as non-profit groups which he himself has funded) and a league of online minions to plaster message boards and blogs with his talking points — but his track record, his mega-billion (if not -trillion) dollar programs (World Poverty Fund, stimulus packages, taxation of small and large corporations, energy programs, carbon credit taxes, etc., and his tax-and-spend mentality defy logic.  God help us if his pandering to middle America succeeds.
The social and economic policies proposed by Barack Obama the son — candidate for the Presidency of the United States — reflect the influence of his father’s radical and socialist aspirations. 
Let’s begin with Dreams from My Father: a son’s odyssey to fulfill his father’s political  ambitions ….
If there is a mystery at the heart of Barack Obama’s Dreams From My Father, one thing is not left a mystery, the fact that Barack Obama organized his life on the ideals given to him by his Kenyan father. 
Obama tells us, “All of my life, I carried a single image of my father, one that I .. tried to take as my own.” (p. 220)  
And what was that image?  It was “the father of my dreams, the man in
my mother’s stories, full of high-blown ideals ..” (p. 278) 
What is more, Obama tells us that, “It was into my father’s image .. that
I’d packed all the attributes I sought in myself.” 
And also that, “I did feel that there was something to prove .. to my father” in his efforts at political organizing. (p. 230)
Barack Obama, the father, was a radical economist and socialist.
Barack Obama’s father, a Harvard trained economist, attacked the economic proposals of pro-Western ‘third way” leader Tom Mboya from the socialist left, siding with communist-allied leader Oginga Odinga, in a paper Barack Obama’s father worte for the East Africa Journal
As Odhiambo and Cohen write, “The debates [over economic policy] pitted .. Mboya against .. Oginga Odinga and radical economists Dharam Ghai and Barrack Obama, who critiqued the document for being neither African nor socialist enough.”
A paper written by Barack Obama’s father, titled “Problems Facing Our Socialism” (published July, 1965 in the East African Journal, pp. 26-33), expressed the father’s positions on socialism and planning in Kenya:
1.  Obama advocated the communal ownership of land and the forced confiscation of privately controlled land, as part of a forced “development plan”, an important element of his attack on the government’s advocacy of private ownership, land titles, and property registration. (p. 29)
2.  Obama advocated the nationalization of “European” and “Asian” owned enterprises, including hotels, with the control of these operations handed over to the “indigenous” black population. (pp. 32 -33)
3.  Obama advocated dramatically increasing taxation on “the rich” even up to the 100% level, arguing that, “there is no limit to taxation if the benefits derived from public services by society measure up to the cost in taxation which they have to pay” (p. 30) and that, “Theoretically, there is nothing that can stop the government from taxing 100% of income so long as the people get benefits from the government commensurate with their income which is taxed.” (p. 31)
4.  Obama contrasted the ill-defined and weak-tea notion of “African Socialism” negatively with the well-defined ideology of “scientific socialism”, i.e. communism.  Obama views “African Socialism” pioneers like Nkrumah, Nyerere, and Toure as having diverted only “a little” from the capitalist system. (p. 26)
5.  Obama advocated an “active” rather than a “passive” program to achieve a classless society through the removal of economic disparities between black Africans and Asian and Europeans. (p. 28)  “While we welcome the idea of a prevention [of class problems], we should try to cure what has slipped in .. we .. need to eliminate power structures that have been built through excessive accumulation so that not only a few individuals shall control a vast magnitude of resources as is the case now .. so long as we maintain free enterprise one cannot deny that some will accumulate more than others .. ”  (pp. 29-30)
6.  Obama advocated price controls on hotels and the tourist industry, so that the middle class and not only the rich can afford to come to Kenya as tourists.  (p. 33)
7.  Obama advocated government owned and operated “model farms” as a means of teaching modern farming techniques to farmers.  (p. 33)
8.  Obama strongly supported the governments assertion of a “non-aligned” status in the contest between Western nations and communist nations aligned with the Soviet Union and China.  (p. 26)
NOTE:  Please read the comments section for the above resource and the referenced Yahoo article.
Foreign Policy
Obama’s Foreign Policy advisor ….

Zbigniew Brzezinski is an advocate of socialist world government, a goal he has promoted as a member of the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) and as a speaker at former Soviet Premier and Communist Mikhail Gorbachev’s first World Forum. Brzezinski is an architect of creating regions of global governance from independent nations to achieve world government. At the World Forum Brzezenski described the global regions that are now being put into place under Condi Rice: Israel and the Palestinians (now MEFTA, Middle East Free Trade Association), Iran as part of a Central Asian region, and China as part of a Far Eastern region. As a member of CSIS Brzezinski has guided their efforts to publish the North American Integration Monitor (2002) that calls for the loss of US sovereignty to a North American Union (NAU) as one of the regional global government blocks.


Beware the Global Poverty Tax (to be contributed to and distributed by the U.N. — Obama will deduct it from the new energy tax before giving us our “energy rebate” which is discussed under taxes and economics) ….
The proposals for global taxes by Obama have come with the recommendations of Zbigniew Brzezinski to pay for globalization and world government. Obama has proposed a global poverty tax in a US Senate bill. The Climate Change Control Bill strongly supported by Obama calls for an international governing regime to monitor and regulate carbon dioxide and “carbon footprints” from discovery, to production, to consumption at a cost of $50 trillion globally and at a cost of $8 trillion for US taxpayers, all to be paid for by a global tax, whose monies will be used to establish a world government body.

To hear Obama describe his policy in a stump speech, it’s difficult to realize that his economic and energy policies are little more than conduits to his view of “one world order” — a socialist governance structure similar to the EU …..

Taxes/Economic Plans
REMINDER:  under the U.S. Constitution, Congress has the sole power to tax and appropriate funds, not the president.
During his Tuesday morning speech, I found it amusing that Obama called McCain to task for “using the oldest trick in the political book” in calling for a ‘Commission’ to examine the current economic crisis. No less than five minutes later Obama then called for an “Advisory Group” to meet with the president regarding the current economic scenario.

You say tomato, I say tomahto.

Obama’s campaign finance chair knows all about bank failures:

For those who do not know, “billionaire business mogul” Penny Pritzker was named in January 2007 as Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.)’s national finance chairman. She was also on the finance committee for Obama’s 2004 campaign for the U.S. Senate. In August 2001, Penny, Thomas, and Nicholas Pritzker were described as “struggling with a complicated legacy”—”a vast real estate and Hyatt hotel empire”—left to them by its founder, Jay Pritzker, the New York Times reported. In 2005, Forbes counted Penny Pritzer among The 100 Most Powerful Women, as well as a member of the Forbes 400.

The New York Times reported December 11, 2001, that the Pritzkers had agreed to pay a “record $460 million” spread out over 15 years to the federal government to avoid being punished” for Superior Bank’s failure. It was “the largest settlement ever in the failure of a banking institution. The failure itself is one of the largest in the last decade, one that some estimate could cost the government up to $1 billion.”

“Regulators said Superior had collapsed because of poor lending practices and sloppy bookkeeping,” Time wrote. “The bank specialized in loans to people with poor credit histories, a practice called subprime lending.”

Time also reported that the Pritzkers, who “have a long and troubled history in the S.& L. business” and “once battled the Internal Revenue Service over estate taxes, … also agreed to cede 90 percent of any money they might recover in separate litigation with the government.”


What we know about Obama’s record is that he talks a good game, but has a history of raising taxes and spending the money on government programs, most of them sponsored and/or controlled by his associates.  Otherwise, we’re looking more at a pig-in-a-poke than at a proven finance manager. 

Sorta-kinda Economic Plan (open-ended — at a projected cost of trillions of unknown dollars for taxpayers)    

If Mr. Obama is beholden to taxpayer-funded, government-designed highway and energy pork projects, he has gone hog wild over “refundable tax credits,” which is the polite description of taxpayer-financed cash payments to people who pay no income taxes. Mr. Obama promises a $4,000 refundable tax credit to finance college tuition for students who spend 100 hours performing community service. There will be a refundable 10 percent mortgage-interest tax credit for married couples who take the $10,900 standard deduction because their itemizable deductions (including mortgage interest) fall below that level. Couples will also receive a refundable $1,000 tax credit to offset payroll taxes even if their refundable earned-income tax credit (EITC) has already eliminated their payroll-tax burden. Taxpayers will also finance a $500 refundable tax credit to augment a $1,000 savings-account deposit made by families earning up to $75,000.

Mr. Obama also promises to “triple the [EITC] benefit for minimum-wage workers.” Let’s do the math. For a married couple with two children working full-time and earning the minimum wage ($5.85 per hour, $24,336 per year), their refundable EITC would rise from $3,225 to $9,675. They already qualify for refundable child tax credits totaling about $1,850. Mr. Obama would increase their refundable child-care tax credit to $3,000. Don’t forget his refundable $1,000 tax credit to partly offset their $1,500 Social Security taxes, which had already been more than offset by their nearly $10,000 refundable EITC. If they put that $1,000 in the bank, they would get another refundable tax credit of $500.

Oink Oink:
  On the spending side of the ledger, Mr. Obama proposed a 10-year, $60 billion “National Infrastructure Reinvestment Bank,” which is a highfalutin name for a scheme to fund dubious pork-barrel projects that can’t pass muster in our pork-addicted Congress. The $60 billion is just a down payment; it will be used to leverage “almost half a trillion of additional infrastructure spending.” Guess who’s going to pay for all that. Not to worry because the whole scheme will “generate nearly 2 million new jobs.” Mr. Obama has also proposed a 10-year, $150 billion program “to establish a green energy sector that will create up to 5 million new jobs.” His nearly universal health care plan, which he implausibly asserts will reduce the average family’s insurance premium by $2,500 per year, is projected to cost between $50 billion and $65 billion per year.
Based on a comparison of state initiatives and the tax base — Obama’s economic policies would do nothing to improve joblessness and the development of small businesses ….  Policy Comparisons

Another perspective on Obama economics:  Karl Marx and Class Warfare  …..The reason Oblahma doesn’t want us to know what he actually did as a community organizer?

More about the Global Poverty Tax and Obama’s hyprocrisy on spending.

PromisesPromisesPromises …. Obama’s pledges keep coming — at tax-payer expense.

The Obama Plan …. listen for what he doesn’t say

You’ll hear him talk about businesses, companies, and corporations. You’ll hear him talk about how business must work smarter, and must reduce their emissions. What you won’t hear him say is that the largest part of US greenhouse gas emissions come from you and me driving to and from work, and keeping our homes cool. Because if he said that, the whole 83% reduction thing would begin to strike too closely to home.

So he distracts us from it. He says he will take money from the corporations, then use some of it (15 billion) to advance energy policy ( more about that soon) and give the rest to us. The problem with that plan is twofold. First, any money he pulls from corporations will be replaced by money they pull from us. If you make it more expensive for a company to manufacture and provide a product, they will charge more for it. That’s simple math. The second problem is that he wants to basically bribe us with our own money. It goes from us, through the corporations, to the Federal government through the emissions auction and back to us.

“… it’s embarrassing to have a candidate for President (A) not understand a problem, (B) gloat over its arrival, and (C) not know how to fix it.”  source


Behind the Obama economic plan stand four men and one woman totally entrenched in the failures of Wall Street:

Penny Pritzer — Obama finance chair: who agreed to pay a “record $460 million” spread out over 15 years to the federal government to avoid being punished” for Superior Bank’s failure. It was “the largest settlement ever in the failure of a banking institution. The failure itself is one of the largest in the last decade, one that some estimate could cost the government up to $1 billion.”

Obama’s economic advisers, the guys he has counted on from day one and who have raised him a ton of money: Franklin Raines and Jim Johnson, both of them are waist to neck deep in the mortgage debacle.”

Both Raines and Johnson have served as CEO of Fannie Mae, with Raines taking over from Johnson. Both are key political and economic advisers to Obama.

But Johnson did more than make a lot of money at Fannie Mae. He increased his connections — and his access to power — by establishing Fannie Mae foundations that spread around millions of dollars: homeless shelters, colleges, hospitals all benefited from Fannie Mae Foundation money.

And don’t underestimate the influence of Zbigniew Brzezinski — a “one world” governing body adherent who is Obama’s foreign policy adviser ….

Behind Obama’s sweeping generalizations and buzzwords lurks a man who has done little but raise taxes and spend money on community projects. Obama may hope that we overlook his clo$e association with Lehman brothers. But we won’t.

Nor should we ever forget that Obama’s “dreams” of his father projects a socialist world-view in which all economic resources are centrally controlled.

Be afraid as you listen to Obama’s rhetoric. Be very afraid.

Fannie and Freddie’s Friends:  (John Gibson from Fox News)
“…Obama’s ads and stump speeches attack McCain and Republican policies for the current financial turmoil. It is demonstrably not Republican policy and worse, it appears the man attacking McCain, Senator Obama, was at the head of the line when the piggies lined up at the Fannie and Freddie trough for campaign bucks. Senator Barack Obama, number two on the Fannie/Freddie list of favored politicians after just four short years in the Senate. Next time you see that ad, you might notice he fails to mention that part of the Fannie and Freddie problem.”
More Freddie and Fannie:  Bush tried — democrats shyed
The Best Buy for Congress?
Freddie and ACORN … the Obama connection?
Obama, Freddie and ACORN — Chicago-style Economics
The NAFTA Lie: In speeches to unemployed auto and manufacturing workers, Obama pledged to review NAFTA to bring American jobs back home ….. While saying this — Team Obama sent a memo to Canadian officials advising them to “ignore the rhetoric” of his speeches.  When confronted by this lie, Obama denied he or his staff had contacted  officials in Canada.    The memo sent to Canadian officials.
Charity begins at home?  shame on you ….
Obama statement: “ICE must stop terrorizing illegal immigrants ….”
Pay Equity:  Obama Talks — McCain Acts
The Environment:  Protesters as sheeple (video) …. Taken to the cleaners by an articulate, obviously well-trained “community orgnaizer” ……  Get the picture?
Kumbayah (The Lipstick Loonies from the Left)

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Mitt in Michigan

January 11, 2008

Mitt in Michigan …. It’s going to be difficult.  But I’m optimistic.  Supporters must remember that tallies in both Iowa and NH were foiled by a liberal base and an in-party tag-team scheme.  Neither Huckabee nor McCain have faced a truly conservative voter-base. 

I want Mitt to continue to hit hard on the problems in Washington.  I want him to remind voters that (fine man that he is yadayadayada) McCain has been part of the problem in Washington …. McCain has been no friend to conservatism; no friend to the issues of immigration, free speech, ethics, lower taxes. 

I want Mitt to demonstrate his expertise in economics.  He must set his own agenda and refuse to be distracted.  He must remain optimistic about the revival of the auto industry market.  He must remind voters that, while education and retraining are critical to industry revival, McCain’s trillion-dollar educational reform package is not going to relieve the state’s economy.  And no one has yet asked McCain how he’s going to pay for it — ASK!

As for Kos suggesting that dems cross over and vote for Mitt, come on over, kidlets!  You crossed-over in NH — so what’s new?  The “newness” will be in getting it right this time!

More at Perish the Thought ….